Hello and Welcome. This is a secondary site for our system. We have DID as well as other mental and physical disabilities. Here you can find small webpages created by different alters in our system listed by the author of each small webpage. Please note that we are private and that the main goal here is self expression and creative freedom, not to be an educator or field invasive personal questions. Opinions on accessibility vary widly upon alters and we have not forced them to individually ahdere to the same accessibility standards on this site. We have however, created a content warning key so you (the viewer) can make informed decisions on the links you're clicking online.

Content Warning Key
👁️ Eyestrain Warning
📷 Photosensitivty/Epelepsy Warning
⚠️ Triggering Bodily Harm Warning (blood, gore, themes of suicide/sh, etc)
🔞 Sexual Content Warning (sexual mentions, reclaimed slurs)

dirk from homestuck with facial percingsDirge • He/Him
Placeholder, Masker
body 👁📷⚠️
closeup of the red light of hal 9000 from 2001: a space odysseyHal • He/Its
Protector, Persecutor

bro from homestuckBro • He/Him
Protector, Observer
my bedroom 👁⚠️
dirk from homestuckDirk • He/They
Trauma Holder

dave from homestuckDave • He/Any
driving playlist
anime face with glasses and long black hairData • She/They/It
my bio 📷🔞